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The Jackson County Republican Party is your local connection to the Missouri Republican Party. We are dedicated to supporting our local Republican elected representatives, providing constituents with information about what the legislature is doing, and educating the public about local issues that can affect our right to life, liberty and private property. Feel free to contact us through this website if we can help you.

Jackson County Republican Headquarters:

1140 W 40 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64015 - (816) 875-9690

www.jacomo.gop  ---  twitter.com/JacomoGOP  ---  facebook.com/jacomoGOP

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Our 2022-2024 Officers:

Chairman: Mark Anthony Jones
Vice-Chairman: Teresa McBride
Secretary: Carolyn Caton
Treasurer: Kress Cambers

If you would like to be a part of our team that is working hard to elect Republican candidates in local, state, and national offices, please volunteer and DONATE to Support our Great Republican Party!

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Mark Anthony Jones
Chairman, Jackson County Republican Party


2022 Official Officers photo

2022-2024 Jackson County Republican Committee Officers - L-R
Kress Cambers, Treasurer; Carolyn Caton, Secretary; Teresa McBride, Vice-Chair and Mark Anthony Jones, Chairman