We The People monthly meeting 7pm Lake Lotawana Sportsmans Club

We have a wonderful evening planned.
Alison Phillips (human trafficking educator) is going to update us on the class we had and the results in the KC area.
Melinda Clark-Sann, WTP lawyer, is going to speak on a few cases.
Bill Eigel, running for governor of Missouri in 24, will address the group. I heard him speak a couple of weeks ago. He wants Missouri to follow Florida. I love it.
Stewart Sullivan, a Lieutenant Colonel , who was early retired from Whiteman Airforce Base because he would not get the vaccination, is going to tell us what happened.
We have a major problem with porn in our school libraries. Kristin Grubbs and I have a plan, you’ll want to hear this.
Hopefully we will have an update on BOE candidates.
Come Monday night!!!
Sheepdogs at 6:00
We The People at 7:00
Bring business cards and a couple of bucks.
Thanks. Be safe, see you soon.
Chuck Quesenberry
January 02, 2023 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Lake Lotawana Sportsmen's Club
Chuck Quesenberry ·