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Our current administration has little regard for history. In fact, it seems the Biden administration cannot even learn from recent history.

  • Our current administration recently sent $6 Billion to Iran and watched as China has supported Iran with a $400 Billion energy deal. Iran is a known state sponsor of terrorism and has funded Hamas and Hezbollah's plans to rain down terror on Israel and destabilize the West.
  • Donald Trump achieved more peace with strong sanctions on Iran and the Abraham Accords than any of his neoconservative or liberal predecessors.

And now ...

  • Too many Democrat and radical left politicians are endorsing terrorism as an acceptable political tactic. 
  • Establishment Media is accusing Israel of "retaliation" instead of self defense, repeatedly showing the destruction in Gaza. Turkey's Erdogan calls Israeli response to Hamas in Gaza a "massacre."

Please join us in support of America's ally. Sign below to voice your support for Israel. We will make sure our Congressmen know your opinion. 

Together, let's elect candidates who will stand up for the only democracy in the Middle East -- Israel. The world is dangerous, and we need to elect strong leaders who will protect us from terrorism.

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