Kansas City Poll Workers 2024


There is no better way to secure the election than to have Republicans inside every polling location as poll watchers and challengers. There will be no one running the same ballots through the counting machine multiple times if we have both sides working and watching inside every polling location in Jackson County. 

(President Trump explains the need to vote early) -http://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-launches-absentee-ballot-early-voting-push-major-reversal-from-2020-stance

Below is information on the PAID jobs and Volunteer jobs that are available inside the polling locations through the Jackson County Election Board. If you are interested in one of the PAID jobs, please reply and ask for the Election Board application

BESIDES The paid jobs.... We will also need about 100 people to hand out our Republican Voter Guide two weeks before the election at the Jackson County Election Board and at about 100 polling locations on election day in the NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION ONLY.

This is a good time to make sure you are registered to vote in the location you currently live. 

There is no one else coming to save our country but each one of US! 

Jackson County Election Board

The Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners requires many election workers for the four election days offered each year (February, April, August, and November).  The Board has many election workers who faithfully work each and every available election, but we are always in need of more help.  Most who dedicate their time on Election Day find they make many new friends and feel they have contributed to their community by helping with the election process.  If you are interested in working, please fill out the questionnaire for the position which best suits your skill level and interest.

Per State Statute 115.085 RSMo:

Qualifications of election judges - No person shall be appointed to serve as an election judge who is not a registered voter in this state. Each election judge shall be a person of good repute and character who can speak, read, and write the English language. No person shall serve as an election judge at any polling place in which his or her name or the name of a relative within the second degree, by consanguinity or affinity, appears on the ballot. However, no relative of any unopposed candidate shall be disqualified from serving as an election judge in any election jurisdiction of the state. No election judge shall, during his or her term of office, hold any other elective public office, other than as a member of a political party committee or township office, except any person who is elected to a board or commission of a political subdivision or special district may serve as an election judge except at a polling place where such political subdivision or special district has an issue or candidate on the ballot.

Election Judges are required to work in pairs, representing the two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, and therefore you will be asked to choose which party you want to represent.  Attendance to an assigned training session is required before each election.

If you would like to be an election worker in any of the below roles please print and complete the Election Worker/Poll Worker Questionnaire form at the bottom of the page and email, mail or fax the completed form to our office.


Election Judge

Supervisor Judge $275.00 + $25.00 (Training)
Regular Judge $250.00 + $25.00 (Training)
Standby Judge $100.00 + $25.00 (Training)

Election Poll Workers (Judges) arrive at their assigned poll location by 5:00 a.m. to begin the process of preparing the poll for voters and must have the process completed by 6:00 a.m., at which time voting commences. The Judges will ready the PBC, ADA and Voting Stations immediately upon arrival at the poll. The judges will unpack all supplies (poll books, ballots, and other necessary supplies) following the instructions provided at their training session.

At 7:00 p.m. the team of Judges closes the poll following the closing instructions and prepares the necessary items to be returned to their appointed delivery location.

Election Judge

E-Poll Book Judge $275.00 + $25.00 (Training)
Standby E-Judge $100.00 + $25.00 (Training)

E-Poll Book Judges arrive at their assigned poll location by 5:00 a.m. and work until the poll is closed by the Election Judges on Election Day. Duties include tablet setup, processing voters by checking ID, directing voters to their correct polling location, registering voters and processing text messages, as well as assisting the Election Judges with other poll equipment setup and tear-down.  E-Poll Book Judges must feel comfortable with using a tablet in their primary duty of checking in voters. The ideal E-Poll Book Judge will demonstrate these abilities and skills:

  • great communication skills and a friendly personality,
  • learns quickly and follows instructions,
  • computer operation skills, and
  • neat and accurate forms completion


Deputy $275.00 + $25.00 (Training)
Deputy-Night $50.00
Standby Deputy $100.00 + $25.00 (Training)

Deputy Cell Phone Stipend – $10.00
Mileage – $0.655 per mile (or approved rate)

Deputies begin their day at 5:00 a.m., making an initial visit to their assigned polls individually. Once the initial delivery of the blue bag has been made to their polls, they meet their partner and serve as a team for the remainder of the day. Each Deputy team consists of two individuals representing the two major political parties – Democrat and Republican. Deputies are an extension of the staff of the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners. Their prime responsibilities are to assist Election Judges with voter problems, replenish election supplies in the polls and render support to the judges on Election Day. Each team visits approximately ten different polls four times during the day. Most of the Deputies serve as pick-up teams after the polls close, transporting the ballot carriers from all locations in Eastern Jackson County to the Election Board office in Independence. Others are assigned to night duties at the Election Board office. Each Deputy is assigned to attend a required training session the night before the election. At this training, the Deputies will receive all supplies needed for the following day.

Office Worker

Office Day Worker $15.00 (Hourly Rate)

Office Day Workers arrive at the Election Board Office at 5:00 a.m. and work until the ballots are tabulated, usually around 9:30 p.m. Typical duties assigned to Office Workers include (but are not limited to) answering the phone and taking questions from the public and election poll Judges, counting Absentee ballots, receiving ballot carriers and preparing ballots for counting. Office Day Workers are required to attend a training session prior to Election Day so that they may better serve the callers.

Office Worker

Office Night Worker $50 (Election Night)

Office Night Workers arrive at the Election Board office around 6:45 p.m. and work until all ballots are tabulated, usually around 9:30 p.m. They perform various duties from transporting ballot carriers to preparing the ballots for counting. There is an equal number of Republicans and Democrats working in teams participating in the process. No training is necessary, as all new election workers have a teammate who has served as an Election Worker before.

Requirements of Election Judges on Election Day

On Election Day, you are working for and contracted with the Jackson County Election Board. You are serving your country, state, county, cities, and school districts by fulfilling a vital role in our democracy. The Election Board staff and the citizens you will see throughout your day at the polls are grateful and appreciate your service. It is important that you attend a training session before each election to address any changes in procedures or in Missouri State Law.

On Election Day, you are given the responsibility, by the Jackson County Election Board, to follow every procedure to the letter of the law. Ensuring the fairness and equality of the election process and protecting each American citizen’s right to vote is paramount. You are an important part of the team of judges at the poll. At all times, every Election Judge must maintain order in their poll and serve all voters impartially. If, at any time, you are confronted with questions or issues of which you are unsure, if judges are unable to resolve issues among themselves or if you perceive that correct procedures are not being followed – you should contact the Election Board for guidance and direction.

On Election Day, each poll has a cell phone and special election day phone numbers (provided to you in your training handouts and in your folder delivered to the poll). These phone numbers are only available to our judges and are to be used in situations noted above. Teams of election workers are standing by to assist any judge at the poll on these special election day phone numbers. These phone numbers should never be given to voters. At each polling location, state election law provides for two Supervisory Judges, one from each of the two major political parties.

Supervisory Judges should have outstanding behavior and set the example for serving the voters. These judges are the leaders in a poll. An important responsibility of the Supervisory Judges is the transport of the ballots and other materials to the proper ballot delivery location at the end of the day.

BOTH Supervisory Judges MUST travel together - in the same vehicle – with the supplies listed in your handouts to the designated ballot delivery location. Supervisory Judge duties are not complete until all necessary items are transferred to the Deputies or Election Officials at their assigned “delivery” location.

Visit https://jcebmo.org/wp-content/uploads/Election-Worker-Poll-worker-Questionnaire.pdf to become a paid election poll worker. Email this form directly to [email protected].  

Traditional Watcher and Challenger roles that we have worked to get filled for years have changed and are no longer relevant. Please work for the election board, so you are on the inside -- KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN!