JCRC 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Although we faced many challenges leading into 2016, we captured EVERY opportunity we were given and were successful in electing every single statewide candidate to office in Missouri and in addition, in the most spectacular fashion, we have elected Donald J. Trump as our new President! The message of destroying political correctness, upholding our Constitution, securing our borders, draining the Washington Swamp and even the message of making Christmas Merry again, prevailed!

We are looking for qualified people interested in running for office here locally. We have several state representative and state senator offices without a Republican challenger. There are city council races and county races that all need candidates. We have beaten the Democrats to a pulp on a statewide level, but we need much work in Jackson County. If you know of someone interested who needs to talk about their interest in running, please have them get in contact with Mary Potter or Mark Anthony Jones or any of our county committee. 

Upcoming dates:

1) January 9 – Inauguration of Governor Eric Greitens in Jefferson City on the Capitol steps at 11:30 am. www.newmissouri.org  

2) January 20 – Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump in Washington DC.

3) March 18 - Jackson County Lincoln Days $40/person or $75 per couple at Adams Pointe Conference Center in Blue Springs. Buy Tickets.


Thanks to each of you who volunteered, who ran for office, who fought the good fight in person or on social media in 2016! We look forward to working with each of you this year to continue to fight for freedom, grow our party, and elect Republicans in the next cycle! There is no “off year” mentality tolerated if we plan to win. We start now!

- Mark Anthony Jones, Chairman